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I had not previously seen the Marvel and Iron Man movies until a few weeks ago. So, in preparation to IM3, I started watching them (IM1, IM2, Captain America, Hulk, Thor, and almost all of the Avengers, it was late and I fell asleep), so I had the vantage of someone who hadn't seen the movies (until recently) or read the comics (ever). I wish I had finished watching the Avengers before I saw IM3, as I would have understood better what Tony Stark was going through during parts of the movie. In terms of family friendliness I gave it an average of 14+ due to the following content: violence - execution(s), terrorist attacks (14+) sex references - scantily clad women in bed, sexual innuendos ("I am going to take a shower... and you are going to join me," and "Let's go to town on each other.") (15+) language - no "f-bombs" or "sh" words, (12+)
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