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I actually saw Iron Man 3 last night. I went in pretty excited to see this movie and left pretty disappointed. This movie starts slow and crescendos to the final battle scene. In between we see Tony Stark put on his Iron Man suit one time when his house gets blown to smithereens and then he doesn't put it on again until about 80-90 minutes into the movie. And the suit he puts on doesn't work very well because it's a prototype. 75% of the movie Tony Stark is more of a detective than he is a super hero as he teams up with some annoying 12 year old boy from some hick town in Tennessee (who just happens to be an electronic "genius") to figure out what is going on with Mandarin, the bad guy, who is blowing up everything in sight. When you find out about the "twist" of Mandarin you will roll your eyes! By the time the "big" battle comes at the end I was so ready for the movie to end I didn't care. The final battle is cool but waiting for almost 2 hours to get to the final battle was kinda tough to sit through. There's some good humor but this movie pales in comparison to the first Iron Man and isn't even in the same universe as Avengers. The "pay off" scene after the credits is okay but doesn't build any bridges for any future movies (whether it's Iron Man 4 or Avengers 2 or any other super hero movie.) If you must see this movie see the matinee so you won't feel like you wasted your money paying full price. I'm not sure why so many critics are giving this movie good reviews. I know I'm in the minority but I think if people step back and take off their "Iron Man glasses" they will see that this movie is kinda boring and falls flat. And I'm a big Iron Man fan! I give this movie 2 out of 4 stars.
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