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Despite how true any of this movie may be to the comics or how well this movie's storyline may be explained (in some people's opinion), like most people that will be going into this movie, they will not have done their "research" and neither did I. (As I, or anyone for that matter shouldn't have to.) I am also not familiar with the source material for the Iron Man character (you know, the comic books.) I felt that the director did a very poor job of explaining the story. Apparently you have to be somewhat familiar with the iron man comics to enjoy this movie more fully; well, no one had to with Iron Man 1. In short, if the movie has to be explained, before hand, it's not a good movie. As is in the description, Tony must rely on his instinct and ingenuity... that is where the problem in this movie lies; everyone watching this movie is expecting an action movie, and for the middle 45 minutes folks aren't going to get a super hero movie, they are going to get a crime-solving, no super hero-anything movie. We get to see Tony Stark wielding a gun for a lot of the action scenes. People are not paying to see Tony fire a pistol, they want to see Stark technology. Finally in the last 20 minutes (after waiting for 1hr 45 minutes) you get to see Stark tech, and quite a lot of it, which wasn't enough to make this movie enjoyable, or engaging. The only saving grace (in my opinion) is the villain fight. Unfortunately they gloss over how he generates the tech that gives him his powers, and how the tech really works. (This again brings us back to needing to have the villains tech explained, before going into this movie, specifically the comic called Iron Man Extremis.) You really have to guess and figure things out as the movie goes along, in order to have a chance at really understanding the villain. I would say, IF you have to see this (and most probably are too excited to feel otherwise) this movie is worth the price of a matinee, regular format show. I seriously doubt any add-on features like 3D IMAX or or DBOX could make watching Iron Man 3 any better than it was. Over all I was severely disappointed in Iron Man 3. I'd say it's treading in 2.25/4 star territory, just above Iron Man 2's 2/4 stars.
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